Candy Coloured Hair

Friday, 31 August 2012

It seams like this pastel hair trend is not going anyware You can find many celebs like Katy perry, Nicki Minaj,Olsen twins and many more all sporting this adventurous look and how can I forget lady GaGa. This daring look has got lots of  recognition because the colours are all watered down and are not vibrant,in your face colours, this helps create a normality believe it or not to the look. When I first saw this hair trend I laughed but it has grown on me and now possibly I might consider doing it myself.

  Olsen went for a safer look, Pixie Geldof jazzed things up at the ELLE Style Awards in London last year when she arrived with a full head of pale mint green locks. Geldof has been often spotted with different hair colours so her energetic pale green hair wasn't a surprise. Another celeb showing off this look is Kelly Osbourne, this look expresses her natural rebellious side.
Amelia lily pink hair

Ellie Goulding

Lady Gaga

Nicki Minaj

Katy perry

Lady Gaga

Jordin sparks with her purple tint

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