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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hey people, hope you are all well,sorry I haven't posted in a while I had lots of college work to do. I'm currently in my second year at sixthform college, I study BETC level 3 art and design. Its a great course that allows me to venture into all types of art and design.Though this process I have fallen more and more in love with fashion and photography. For the past few months I have been constructing a garment, it took long to make but I got through it. My final design is a puffy sweet heart neck line dress, it is inspired by the Indian festival of colours. I am pleased with the outcome because you can really see my girly and fun personality though my design.  Here are a few pictures from the photo shoot (hair and makeup all styled by me) hope you like it.  The colour scheme is inspired by the neon trend A/W 2013.

PS.I promise to try and post more pictures on my school work and I hope it helps people on similar courses to me, if you have any questions just comment below. Peace.



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    1. thank you so much
      follow me when you can :)

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for your comment.
    Really good post! the photos are amazing.
    we have a GIVEAWAY:
    Anxious for your next post. =)
    And don't forget to stay in touch:

    with love,

    1. awww thank you that means alot.I will make sure to check out your giveaway and future posts luvin your blog. peace chanel

  3. Your dress is amazing <3 You look so stylish :)

    1. Thank you soo much the model isn't me though its my friend but I did the hair and make up and made the dress thanks though!!!!
      Cool blog love your outfit posts!!!

  4. you look amazing! gorgeous photographs!

    kitty xx

    1. Thanks I took the photos but my friend is modeling my design.
      By the way ove your blog:)


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