Graduate Fashion Week

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Hey dolls I know its been a while since my last post, forgive me !!!!
A few  months ago I was fortunate to intern at Graduate fashion week, It was an amazing experience and something I will never forget. I met some lovely students who were also interning at the event.
Some of the highlights from interning at the event was meeting and seeing celebrities like
Henry Holland, R&B Rapper Eve, Victoria Beckham,Hilary Alexander and being able to watch nearly all the shows.
Since I aspire to be a fashion designer in the future it was very inspirational going to see other university's work and it made my vision/dream to study in this field even stronger. Also I spoke to some designers 
and asked for advice about fashion and any helpful skills to know.
If you scroll down you can see some pictures from the event.

P.S there are a lot of pictures but its quite interesting so continue if you can !!!

David Gandy 
David Gandy at Graduate Fashion Week in London - Daily Celebrity Photos
hilary alexander
R&B Singer EVE !!!(being interviewed)
 so excited to take a picture with eve omg( me on the far left)

 Henry Holland presenting awards I also met Henry back stage which was so cool.
some of the students work back stage

 rehearsals before the show
 models rehearsing 
 Guest arrive for the show


  1. It manages to get better every year regardless of how amazing the designers are. I want to go to the next one now.

    Fabulous post, I've barely seen any of the photos yet!

    1. Yh you should defiantly go its an amazing experience!!
      thanks for visiting.

  2. wow you are so lucky! sounds like an amazing experience, can't believe all the celebrities you got to see, so cool xx
    The Frill Seeker

  3. awesome post. this seems like it was so much fun. thanks for the comment on my page also :)

  4. looks like you had a really good experience, it's soo cool to get to see stuff like this behind the scenes :) x

  5. omg!! Eve's skirt! I LOVE IT!

    This looks like an awesome experience. I've never been to a fashion show and the one I wanted to attend was sold out. I do hope to attend one eventually.

  6. What a fun event! You got some really great shots. All those colors and patterns are totally my style.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  7. I'm jealous! SO cool!

  8. OMG that look like a really fun night!

  9. EVE is gorgeous !

    Thank you for your comment on my blog ! Do not hesitate to follow me, I ALWAYS FOLLOW BACK ! :) X


  10. yh I will follow you,
    you have a really cool blog!!


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