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Saturday, 5 April 2014

 Hey fashionistas, hope everyone is great!!

This post is about my new hair, currently my hair is natural and really curly (I will do a post about my natural hair) I was getting bored of it lol so I decided to change it up.
I was thinking if getting an ombré but I knew that if I dyed my hair there is a possibility that it might get damaged, so I opted for a weave/extensions .On YouTube there are tutorials showing how to D.I.Y many things.One of the things I use YouTube for is hair tutorials,it's been a great help especially with growing my natural hair and embracing my curls! Any who back to the hair, I was looking around for some good virgin hair at an affordable price and the best place for that is Aliexpress. (WARNING:make sure to watch a review on YouTube before you purchase hair on Aliexpress!!) To my luck I found curly hair (Malaysian kinky curly) that was similar to my hair texture, I had it installed in its natural state for a while but once again I got bored of it lol so I straightened and ombréd it similar to a fire colour/ginger effect.

                                                          To simplify what I did was:
1.ombré it with L'Oreal platinum ombré kit
2. then I dyed the top half red with crazy colour hair dye 
3.I let the red bled in with the ombréd bottom half of the hair which created a fire like ginger tone.

So I can have more versatility with my new hairstyle I made the extensions into clip-ins and I dyed my natural hair burgundy with a semi permanent hair dye. I also braided my hair, left it over night and took the braids out in the morning so it had a crimped look.

Products used :

Here are some pictures below:

Hope you like it!!!! 


  1. Beautiful ! This color fits you very well ! I would like to do sth like that soon :) X


    1. Thanks alot and yh you should try out this too!!

  2. I love your blog! Wow

    xCan you please visit mine & my 14yr olds twins blog x
    P.s Do you want to follow each other on GFC? ;) x

  3. thanks :) yh sure I will follow you!!

  4. Your hair looks nice, love the curls! Xx

  5. wow it looks amazing! really love the colour <3
    The Frill Seeker

  6. I love the colour. I'm also natural, well newly natural and I want to give my hair a break. I'm searching for some good hair to match my texture so I can put my hair away for summer. Great tips :) Now following!

    Check out my OOTD

    Flaws For Days x

  7. ah you look amazing! that shade looks great on you

  8. It looks awesome! Have you been watching the recent series of 'Hair' on BBC? It makes me want to do things like this tooxx

    1. Thanks! Omg yes I have been watching hair it's so amazing. !!

  9. wow seems like a lot of work, but it does look great!

    xo, Carla

    1. Yh it can take awhile but its worth it!!

  10. Such a good idea Chanel instead of damaging your hair! I'm always worried about that but really want a change sometimes!

    Love your blog, please keep posting when you can!!

    Shani xo


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