Anna Wintour in conversation with Suzy Menkes

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Hello again :) It's chanelly here back with another post!!!I was lucky to be given the opportunity to attend a fashion talk with Anna Wintour and Suzy Menks!! 

The talk was amazing,one because I was in the presence of fashion journalism royalty and two because of the wealth of knowledge they were giving us. They spoke as if they were in a real conversation with no one else was around. This made the talk more personal and intimate. 
Suzy Menkes is one of journalism's legends! She has been the editor and head reporter of fashion for the International Herald Tribune ( re-branded recently as The International New York Times) for 25 years and has recently been appointed the editor for Vogue online.

The questions that go though my mind is how does one become so successful and likable as a journalist in fashion. These are some of the questions the audiences asked at the talk. Miss Menkes attributes her success on hard work and the ability to write honestly and in a way that informs but captivates the reader. There were also questions about her role mentoring up and coming designers like the late Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. She spoke of her times with Alexzander Mcqueen and how he would think about every detail in a garment in the most unique way. Also she reminisced on the times she would go to his infamous runway shows which exhibited clothing with the most intricate detail and avant-garde design. Along with Alexzander Mcqueens' great designs she spoke of how she missed being able to go his fashion shows that had innovative sets and were often held at the most unique locations.Overall the talk was amazing and I feel really blessed that I had the opportunity to talk to Miss Menkes after the event, who by the way is so down to earth.

Me and my friend grace at the talk!!

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