Motel Rocks Photoshoot

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Hey girls and guys,
Happy to come back with another post for yall !!!

This summer, I had a great opportunity to intern at Motel Rocks, which was an awesome experience. The internship lasted 2 months,  Whilst I was there I learned sooooo much, from PR to Marketing to learning the ins and outs of a fashion company.

During the internship I was able to use my skills of photography to work on photo shoots and meet other inspiring fashion professionals, especially at London Fashion Week.

Another great aspect of working at Motel was having the opportunity of modelling for them, which was soooo fun!!. Below are some images of the photo shoot.

Boots: H&M


  1. Oh ma gawd your so cool, love your outfit!

    Followed you back on bloglovin.

    Emmie xx

  2. love this look! I was thinking of buying the same jumpsuit! It looks great on you without a doubt!

    xo Charlotte - aliceroxy


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