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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Hey everyone!
Its been awhile but don't worry, I'm back again with some good content for y'all!
Below are two mood boards created by me. They show simple outfits for a quick Day to night menswear look. Have you ever thought: what is the best outfit that can easily transition from work to the pub? WELL ITS YOUR LUCKY DAY! The key to achieving this transition correctly is to work with simple staple Suits and colours. Also cardigans and things that can be unbuttoned are good for unwinding and making yourself more comfortable. Comfortable shoes are very important, choose dark colours so you can easily blend-in appropriately in both environments.When it comes for accessories always pick bags that are compact with many compartments.

These two looks are your starter park to a new stylish life...

look 1 work :
This look depicts a Man that wants to be comfortable yet stylish. He wants to show his stance and confidence through his assertive dressing.This look is easily translatable from day to evening,Bar,pub,dinner,date etc 

Look 2 Pub : This is the same look. Certain elements have been adjusted in order to be comfortable, The tie is removed,shirt is unbuttoned and rolled up. 

Pub 2 Presentation

Pub With The Lads

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  1. Hey that's great. i was searching for fashion clothing for men over the internet. found your blog. it's quite interesting.


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