!YouR YoUtH Is yOUrZ!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

This post was quite fun to create. I feel like I'm In a very unique time in my life (soon turing 21) and I'm just realising I'm growing up lol! Weirdly I feel more creative than ever and I have been inspired by things I wouldn't usually care for. 

I collected the images below in homage to young people and images that represent youth culture and subcultures in fashion. 

 Remember that YoUr YoUtH IS YoURS! 
Always be free creatively and try your best not to care what others think about you because at the end you will realise that it never really matters. 

Their are so many blessings and opportunities that come with being true to yourself. 
Self expression=fulfilling ones destiny.

chanelly girl 


ME:) new turquoise hair!

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