OMG your hair is so long 😏😏(hair update) Afri naptual crochet hair

Friday, 19 August 2016

Hey beautiful people😜
It's your girl Chanel back again with a cool update. So if you have been watching my YouTube channel you would have seen I have natural curly hair.

 My hair is a near bra strap length but it quite annoying because my hair is naturally thin. Recently I have been looking for natural looking extenitions as an alternative.

What I did is opt for a vixen crochet hair style. This is when you section your hair in 4 parts and leave a 1cm perimeter around each section. After that you cornrow the centre part and sew down the excess hair. The section that is sewn down is the part you crochet hair into which is actually quite easy.

I will be uploading a tutorial on how I achieved the look but for now enjoy my selfies below πŸ˜‚
Comment below for tips and advice.
Crochet Hair: Afri Naptual Definition braid colour 2 and 4. 3 pack whole head

Speak to you soon loveliesπŸ’•✨πŸ’•
Chanelly girl

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